Have you ever wished you had a say in the miniatures your favourite manufacturer makes? Well if your favourite manufacturer is Bad Squiddo Games – you’re in luck! We’re already a leading company producing badass female figures in 28mm and this project means that YOU can be involved.

This blog is to keep all the information together for ease of record and access, but to make the most of this please do participate with the discussion over on our social media pages, linked in the menu.

With the Community Miniatures Project you are involved in a huge part of the miniature making from the first decision to the design elements, and even posing and down to choosing the hairstyle. Working together with other fans and enthusiasts as well as the Bad Squiddo Games gang, it endevours to create a really friendly and fun experience.


Vote for who you want immortalised in 28mm. Campaign for her and win over your peers!


Work as a team with Annie to decide the look and feel of the mini along with some research sharing.


The mini is created for you to paint and/or play with, or simply admire in it’s beautiful pewter state!

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